Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Morphe Eyeshadow Palette Review

Morphe eyeshadow palettes have become a staple in my makeup bag as of late. I know I'm a bit late to the party with reviewing these eyeshadows but I just have to talk about them because I'm in love.

For as long as I can remember, I have always used MAC products. Nearly my entire makeup bag/drawer was just purely MAC makeup. & I had endless amounts of their eyeshadows & I would swear by them. I honestly never thought I would find shadows that are better than MAC, but I never bought anything other than them, so I was none the wiser.

Howeverrrrr, a few months ago, I finally bought into the Morphe craze & I am so glad that I did. I heard so many YouTubers & Bloggers raving about these eyeshadows, so I gave in and bought two palettes 35W & 35N. I bought the pre made palettes because I felt like they pretty much had everything I needed in them but you can buy the individual pans if you know specific colours you want. I basically bought the same palette twice but one is completely mattes & the other one has some shimmers as well as mattes. So I have some duplicates of a few colours but I use them so often so I'll use them all up! Another massive bonus is the variety of colours you get in the palettes. I chose these two palettes in particular because they have neutrals along with some fun colours so they're fab for day time or evening wear!

I've swatched a few of these colours to show you how they look with either one or two layers!

I love pretty packaging when it comes to makeup or for it to be completely minimal & sleek looking. I think thats why I love MAC so much because I love their simple, clean style. Morphe packaging for their eyeshadows looks pretty basic & cheap. Honestly, when I first held the makeup, I was convinced the shadows were going to be a reflection of this. OH WAS I WRONG! They are soooooo good. Like so so good. The pigmentation is well and truly on par with MAC, if not better & I didn't feel like I needed to pack on the shadow to get the desired colour. Whereas, with MAC, some of their shadows need to be built up to make the colour pop which is annoying considering how much more you pay for MAC shadows.

One thing I have noticed when I've bought cheaper eyeshadows is that they have a lot of fallout & it ends up all over your cheek & it can be a nightmare, especially if you have applied your eyeshadow post foundation. But Morphe shadows have barely any fallout whatsoever. I don't find myself wiping my cheek constantly to remove all the excess powder. There is nothing worse than having an eyeshadow that basically crumbles when you use it, it feels like such a waste of money.

Are these shadows blendable? Oh yes yes yes they are blendable! Like an absolute dream. Some matte eyeshadows can go really patchy & muddy & can be difficult to blend & if you've accidentally put a bit too much on then you might as well just give up because you're fighting a losing battle. But with Morphe you really don't have that problem. They just blend so easily & smoothly. A couple of these shadows don't blend as much as the others but for about 50p per pan, you get over it.

I went away to Paris a couple of months ago & used these shadows every day along with my MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre as a primer & the shadow literally lasted alllll day. I didn't have to touch up my eyes once & the colours stayed exactly how they were when I first applied them. One day, when we got ready to out for our evening meal, I redid my face makeup but kept my eyes how they had been that day because I loved the colours I'd chosen so much & it still looked fresh. If you don't use a primer with these shadows, you'll start to see them crease after a few hours otherwise which is never a good look.

Overall I am absolutely obsessed with these palettes & I want every one of them. They are so affordable, between £16-£19 per palette with 35 colours, its such a bargain! & They are so versatile as well. You can achieve so many different looks with just one palette, it's amazing. I buy all of mine from Beauty Bay, shop Morphe here.

Have you tried any of the other palettes? Or maybe another cheap eyeshadow brand that you love? Let me know!


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